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Easy Ways to Customize Your Ciak Journal, Sketchbook or Planner
While the clean, virgin pages of a new journal are typically where the bulk of creativity happens during the journaling process, the covers can be equally compelling. The vast, empty space just begs to be embellished. Whether you are artistic or not, there are many things you can do to make your journal uniquely yours. I discovered that a Ciak journal has a sublime surface for decoration. Not only is the surface of the cover rich with color, but it is smooth and accepts solvent-based inks and markers as though it were made for this type of embellishment. The cover is soft and leather-like so it can be embossed, painted, decorated with metallic pens, or even rubber stamped.

Create a Custom Look with a Rubber Stamp Imprint
Nothing is easier than using a rubber stamp to create a custom look for your journal. Rubber stamps are cheap, easy to find and come in a variety of images and styles. You can use one alone or combine it with a number of stamps to create a custom, collage. I impressed this image on the journal using a single rubber stamp and Archival Ink’s Jet Black waterproof ink. Thanks to the smooth surface of the Ciak journal, the image created was crisp, even, rich and much cleaner than the same image pressed onto paper. The ink appears as though it has bonded with the cover material and the end result is smudge-proof and water-proof.

Adding Art to your Ciak Journal's CoverCreate Subtle Backgrounds
Some interesting effects and blends can be created by removing a solvent-based ink with rubbing alcohol after an image has been stamped. The results range from subtle to intense depending on the color of the ink and the length of time you allow the ink to sit before wiping it away. The longer the ink remains on the cover before removing it, the darker it is. On the above journal, the subtle background images were created using this method. I stamped a deep red ink onto the cover and let it sit for about 10 seconds before I removed the ink from the surface. The small amount of ink that that remained after the removal process created a soft, subtle background, perfect for adding additional overlays of solid color.

For those of you who prefer a more freeform doodling or labeling,
permanent markers work well on the Ciak's cover. The colors appear  translucent and can be laid on top of each other for additional depth and for creating special effects. Because the spine of the Ciak is smooth and free from creases or sharp bends, you can create your drawings from front to back into one continuous image.

Whether your journal is filled with inspired words or illustrations, be sure that your Ciak journal has the cover it deserves. It's fun, it's beautiful and it makes it more personal. You'll be glad you did!

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